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The Medicine of Mindful Nature Connection

Apr 14, 2021
Mindful Nature Connection


The practice of mindfulness enhances our awareness of present moment reality, helping us to focus on the here and now. This is inherently calming and restorative, and especially vital at this time of uncertainty and major change.


Combining mindfulness with nature-based practices brings the medicine of present-moment awareness into our connection with nature, allowing us to expand and deepen our relationship with all the many different qualities of nature we find within our own being and around us in the natural world.

Who This is For

Nature-based mindfulness is perfect for anyone longing for a deeper connection to nature and to their own natural selves. It's also ideal for anyone feeling the negative effects of disconnection and overwhelm, such as stress, tension and anxiety; for anyone feeling helpless about environmental issues and climate change; and for those living with physical or mental health and wellbeing challenges.

A Uniquely Integrated Practice

It's one of the most holistic healing and personal development practices there is, bringing together the long-separated realms of earth and spirit into one integrated whole.

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