Nature-Based Mindfulness

For Health, Wellbeing and Wholeness


Mindful connection with nature brings a range of physical, emotional and mental benefits while expanding our awareness and empowering us to live in a more conscious way.

Join Hazel Farrer on a life-changing journey to renew and re-vitalise your connection to the natural world around and within you...

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Are You Looking For A Deeper, More Mindful Connection To Nature? Then you've Come To The Right Place!

Nature-based mindfulness is a beautiful medicine for our time, bringing together the many wonderful benefits of mindfulness on the one hand, and nature connection on the other, into one holistic practice.

Combining her expertise in the fields of mindfulness and nature-connection, Hazel has woven a rare journey of learning, healing and growth to renew and re-vitalise your relationship to the natural world and to your own natural self.

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The Medicine of Mindful Nature Connection


The practice of mindfulness enhances our awareness of present moment reality, helping us to focus on the here and now. This is inherently calming and restorative, and especially vital at this time of uncertainty and major change.

Combining mindfulness with nature-based practices brings the medicine of present-moment awareness into our connection with nature, allowing us to expand and deepen our relationship with all the many different qualities of nature we find within our own being and around us in the natural world.

Nature-based mindfulness is perfect for anyone longing for a deeper connection to nature and to their own natural selves. It's also ideal for anyone feeling the negative effects of disconnection and overwhelm, such as stress, tension and anxiety; for anyone feeling helpless about environmental issues and climate change; and for those living with physical or mental health and wellbeing challenges.

It's one of the most holistic healing and personal development practices there is, bringing together the long-separated realms of earth and spirit into one integrated whole.


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An ancient practice backed up by modern neuroscience

Both mindfulness and nature interactions are ancient practices that were known for their beneficial health and well-being effects. More recent research has shown that mindfulness can assist with improved attention, emotional regulation and self awareness as well as depression and chronic pain.  Nature experiences have been shown to increase energy and vitality, improve immune systems and promote life satisfaction and happiness.  

Latest neuroscience is also finding that by combining mindfulness and nature connection in a 'rewilding' experience, there is a greater restorative effect on the mind and body, sharper sensory acuity, enhanced presence and connectedness and more positive mood.

Mindful nature connection can also promote a more profound reconnection with ourselves and others, deeper feelings of compassion and a beneficial relationship with the environment that can lead to  environmental awareness and sustainable choices.

If you're seeker a deeper connection to nature, consider exploring Hazel's 8-week online  program, which will help you to:

  • Connect with the healing qualities of nature
  • Develop your awareness and appreciation of the richness of the natural world
  • Slow down and spend more time being instead of doing
  • Deepen your natural, innate sense of well-being and fulfillment
  • Understand and participate with more of what you see and feel going on around you in nature
  • Become more present and grounded in the moment so you can more fully embrace life's experiences
  • Feel a greater sense of belonging and community with the natural world
  • And so much more...


The Mindful Nature Connection Programme Includes:


Learn about the mental and physical aspects of nature-based mindfulness.


Access a range of empowering practices to develop a deep mindful nature-connection.


Join Hazel and a community of likeminded souls on this beautiful interactive journey.

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Tools for a new way of naturally connected living

Mindful nature connection courses are  primarily personal journeys of exploration where practices and tools help us discover who we are, how we treat life around us, what we give and receive and how to connect in a deeper and more authentic way to our true nature.  

You will learn practical exercises and meditations that effortlessly retrain your attention and create new awareness, align your body and mind, provide new options in times of stress and connect you to the natural world more effortlessly. Theory is aligned to a recognised mindfulness programme and nature based research, backed up with the foundational understanding of neuroscience that underpins these complementary practices.

By engaging in these beautiful practices in natural environments we can then shift the attention to a new way of living that prioritises health, connection and nature towards finding greater well-being and peace.

About Hazel

Hazel Farrer is an accredited trainer, life coach, wellness practitioner and mindfulness teacher specialising in nature-based mindfulness. She worked in the UK in parks, events management and community recreation development, specialised in children’s play development and was a presenter on regional TV and radio. She later moved into the holistic health field, became a therapist and lectured in health related fields in UK Universities. 

She moved to South Africa and owned a coaching and wellness company in South Africa, training soft skills in corporate organisations, presenting life skills at conferences and schools and teaching mindfulness in nature- based retreats.

Hazel now lives in Portugal, has an MA in mindfulness-based approaches, leads mindfulness walks in Europe, runs nature-based mindfulness courses, facilitates nature coaching and teaches mindful-nature education in International schools. She loves walking, living by the sea, yoga, travel and laughing with her family.

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