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Terms and Conditions – Mindful-Nature Camino

Thank you for choosing to come on a Mindful-nature Camino journey with us. We are excited about creating as well as facilitating your experience. Before we start your adventure, please take the time to work through the below.

  1.  Agreement

1.1 All participation in walking experiences, guided activities, courses, workshops, skill development, specialised training, or any other activities is undertaken voluntarily and entirely of the client's accord.

1.2 All clients must sign the mindful-nature Camino indemnity form which will be sent when booking the experience.

1.3 Information provided by mindful-nature connection is given in good faith and based on the latest information. Information may change depending on external or internal circumstances

  1.  Payment and Confirmation of booking

2.1 Mindful nature connection accepts PayPal and stripe transfers. Should you be paying in cash, Euros or Pounds are acceptable.

2.2 Currency exchange rates are applicable at the time of initial booking of deposit or full payment. If a deposit is paid, the remainder will be at the same exchange rate as the deposit.

2.3 Within the early bird time frame, payments must reflect on our bank statement before the cut-off date.

  1.  Cancellation

3.1 Based on the nature of the Camino and accommodation availability it is impossible to fill places at short notice. There will also be pre-walk training and resources given. As short notice cancellation will constitute a financial loss to our business you will understand that.

Cancellation before 5th April 2022 allows a 50% refund

Cancellation from 5th April 2022 allows no refund

3.2 Once your booking has been confirmed we will make every effort to deliver the experience as per the booking. Mindful-nature connection reserves the right to alter or cancel the whole or part of the walk if circumstances beyond our control require us to do so, or if numbers are too low to be viable.  In such instances, we will do our best to provide you with comparable alternative arrangements. In the event that mindful- nature connection cancels the event before it has started, we will only refund monies received from the client. In the event of such, Mindful- nature connection shall not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or be held otherwise liable, to the client.

3.3 If affected by Force Majeure, (including acts of God, explosion, flood, fire, weather conditions, or other unexpected occurrences) Mindful-nature connection cannot refund bookings or be held liable if any arrangements are canceled.

  1.  Insurance, Travel, and Exclusions

4.1 Personal insurances are solely the responsibility of the client. Mindful-nature connection recommends that clients are adequately covered for but not limited to personal liability, medical emergencies or accidents, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, cancellation, loss of luggage or personal items.

4.2 The carriage and storage of all baggage and personal effects are at all times the client's risk. Mindful-nature connection will not accept any liability for any loss or damage of baggage or personal effects.

4.3 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that passport, visas, travel permits, driving licenses, or other required documentation for the trip are obtained in advance and meet the requirements for all the areas that will be visited.

4.4 All additional road travel, flights, and transfers, unless arranged and specified in the travel itinerary are the responsibility of the client and are not calculated within the cost of the experience. The cost of travel to and from the destinations is not included.

  1.  Fitness and Health

5.1 All clients must confirm that they are medically fit and in good physical and mental health to undertake the proposed walk and associated activities.

5.2 Any client with a pre-existing medical condition/physical disability, allergy, illness, or otherwise must declare the true nature of the condition on submitting the reservation request.

5.3 Mindful-nature connection can accept no responsibility for any illness, accident, death, or otherwise arising during and/or after the walk.

  1.  Accommodation and Food

6.1 Accommodation and food for the trip is not included in the package.

6.3 Food will depend on availability in the area and what is provided by the accommodation or nearest facility. Specialist dietary requirements are not guaranteed due to constantly changing locations. 

  1.  Acceptance

The client understands that Mindful-nature connections does not act as an agent, but as a coordinator and facilitator of activities providing route guidance and activities during the period of the experience. Mindful-nature connection shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, damages, liability, expense, or cost of any kind that may arise out of the use of their services.

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Mindful-Nature Camino Deposit

Sign-up now for this 9-day mindful-nature Camino, experience a life-changing journey and connect more deeply to medicinal plants

Includes everything you need to help you develop a deep and nourishing nature-based mindfulness pilgrimage:

  • Guidance through 100kms of the Camino Portugues route covering both the theory and practice of nature-based mindfulness

  • Preparatory live Zoom calls to help plan for your journey

  • Daily mindfulness and herbal lessons with practical applications throughout the journey

  • Daily meditations, breathwork, and herb interactions

  • Downloadable audio files of the daily practices to have with you at all times

  • A comprehensive pdf manual and resource pack

  • A community of walkers for sharing experiences and to help support and encourage you on this journey

The journey is from 5th May to the 13th May 2022