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Nature-Based Mindfulness

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Mindful connection with nature brings a range of physical, emotional and mental benefits while expanding our awareness and empowering us to live in a more conscious way.

Join me on a life-changing journey to renew and re-vitalise your connection to the natural world around and within you...

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Fundamentals of Mindful-nature Connection 

Tuesday 14th December, 7 pm GMT

Join me in learning about nature-based mindfulness, try practical techniques to experience connectedness to nature, and explore ways to benefit our own health and the health of the planet.

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A Mindful-nature Camino with Herbs 

Thursday 13th January 7 pm GMT

Have you ever wanted to walk the Camino? Join us in exploring the benefits of mindfulness, nature connection and herbal communication when undertaking a walking pilgrimage. 

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Mindfulness, Nature Connection, and Climate

 Retreating into a mindful-nature 

 Thursday 10th February, 7pm GMT

Thinking about a retreat? Join me in exploring the value of retreating, what we need for replenishment and restoration, and the gift of space within a mindful-nature retreat

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Nature is our teacher and gives us a sense of belonging in the world 


Nature-based mindfulness is a beautiful medicine for our time, bringing together the many wonderful benefits of mindfulness and nature connection into one holistic, balanced practice.

It's a practice that offers both healing and growth, restoring and re-vitalising our relationship with the ultimate sources of well-being - the natural world and our own authentic self.

As a mindful nature-connection guide my role is simply to facilitate the process of reconnection - nature does the rest!

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Ways you can work with me

Online courses

I offer an 8-week mindful nature-connection program for personal development and also one for teachers and parents wishing to facilitate for children.

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1-on-1 coaching

Deepen your practice with personalised insights and guidance. I offer deep-dive coaching journeys for those seeking deep re-connection, healing, and personal growth.

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I offer two different retreats to immerse deeper into the 8-week mindful-nature programme. One 9-day walk on the Camino de Santiago and one 5-day retreat in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal 

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"I have an increased sense of awe, wonder and respect for nature and a desire to spend as much time as possible in its midst. Thank you Hazel!" – Sue

"Remembering to bring awareness to my experiences when I’m outside has become second nature already, in such a short space of time." Anita

I have an increased sense of awe, wonder and respect for nature and a desire to spend as much time as possible in its midst.


"I've become more conscious of nature’s healing properties and the simple ways that I can improve my own well-being." Romy

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Get started with one of my 8-week courses

These courses will give you a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of mindful nature connection, allowing you to establish your own daily practice and begin to integrate nature-based mindfulness approaches into your life. 

The Mindful Nature Connection Program

This unique collaboration between mindfulness and nature practices is primarily a personal journey of exploration that will guide you into a closer relationship with yourself, your immediate community and the environment. When these three spheres are in harmony, we find ourselves in a place where we more easily manage the balancing act of taking care of ourselves, others and the environment. We can then shift the attention to a new way of living that prioritises health, connection and nature towards finding greater well-being and peace.

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The Mindful-Nature Kids Programme – For Teachers & Parents

This course is for anyone wishing to facilitate mindful-nature education for children, or bring nature-based practices into an existing mindfulness framework. Founded on an understanding of education, neuroscience and emotional intelligence, it will provide a range of fun and creative nature-based activities for children. These mindfulness-oriented activities link with nature themes to awaken the senses, facilitate mindful breathing and movement, encourage kindness and compassion for the self and others, and gently promote environmental awareness and care for the planet.

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This 5-part course will introduce the core concepts of nature-based mindfulness and give you practices you can use straight away to get more in touch with your body and the natural environment around you. Includes video lessons, practice audios and a pdf manual.

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