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An Ancient Practice Backed Up By Modern Neuroscience

Apr 01, 2021
Mindful Nature Connection

Both mindfulness and nature interactions are ancient practices that were known for their beneficial health and well-being effects.

More recent research has shown that mindfulness can assist with improved attention, emotional regulation and self awareness as well as depression and chronic pain.  Nature experiences have been shown to increase energy and vitality, improve immune systems and promote life satisfaction and happiness.  

Latest neuroscience is also finding that by combining mindfulness and nature connection in a 'rewilding' experience, there is a greater restorative effect on the mind and body, sharper sensory acuity, enhanced presence and connectedness and more positive mood.

Mindful nature connection can also promote a more profound reconnection with ourselves and others, deeper feelings of compassion and a beneficial relationship with the environment that can lead to  environmental awareness and sustainable choices.

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