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Hi, I'm Hazel Farrer

Founder of Mindful-Nature Connection 

After many years of working in parks and nature environments and then coaching in the wellness and personal growth field, I  found my calling lay in combining nature-coaching to health and wellbeing. It was some years later that I discovered that mindfulness is a golden key to nature connection. So I took an MA in mindfulness-based approaches with a particular focus on nature-based mindfulness to go deep into the science and philosophy of the subject.

Now I offer coaching, courses and retreats to share what I've learned. I work with individuals, schools and organisations, facilitating re-connection to the ultimate source of our physical and psychological wellbeing - the natural world.

I would love to support you to develop more natural connection in your life

Here are a few of the ways I can do that:

Online Courses

I offer two 8-week nature-based mindfulness programmes, – one for personal development and one for teachers and parents wishing to facilitate mindful nature connection for children.


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Deepen your practice with personalised insights and guidance. I offer 12-week deep-dive coaching journeys for individuals and groups seeking deep re-connection and re-alignment with nature.


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Monthly resources to integrate into your daily life, plus inspiration to sustain your practice and a global community to be part of. This is ideal for anyone seeking ongoing support in their practice and also for teachers.


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"Hazel was so clearly living this work herself that it made it impossible not to feel the reality of what was offered. Every session left me feeling like I’d had a new immersion into the natural world."       Anita

"Thank you so much Hazel! You hold a beautiful and safe space and your authenticity and passion shine through."       Linda

Or consider taking my free intro course

It's a 5-part video course introducing the core concepts of nature-based mindfulness, with practices you can use straight away to get more in touch with your body and the natural environment around you. Includes video lessons, downloadable practice audios and a pdf manual.


Let's get nature-connected!