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Mar 18, 2021
Mindful Nature Connection

Mindful nature connection courses are  primarily personal journeys of exploration where practices and tools help us discover who we are, how we treat life around us, what we give and receive and how to connect in a deeper and more authentic way to our true nature.  

You will learn practical exercises and meditations that effortlessly retrain your attention and create new awareness, align your body and mind, provide new options in times of stress and connect you to the natural world more effortlessly. Theory is aligned to a recognised mindfulness programme and nature based research, backed up with the foundational understanding of neuroscience that underpins these complementary practices.

By engaging in these beautiful practices in natural environments we can then shift the attention to a new way of living that prioritises health, connection and nature towards finding greater well-being and peace.

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This webinar will introduce the core concepts of nature-based mindfulness and give you practices you can use straight away to get more in touch with your body and the natural environment around you. Includes Theory, practical activities, and meditations. 

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