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Mindful Nature Connection

Retreat into nature

2 different Mindful-Nature retreats for 2022/23:

1. Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago

2. Mindful Nature Connection in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal.

Nature is the best teacher there is, our original teacher in fact. The retreats on offer use mindfulness approaches to nurture deep listening to what nature has to teach and heightened awareness of the many beautiful lessons unfolding from moment to moment inside nature's classroom.

Camino Retreat
Algarve Retreat

The Mindful-Nature Camino

5-13th May 2022

A Journey with mindfulness and herbal connection in a 9-day walking experience in Portugal and Spain  

  • Have you ever wanted to walk the Camino Portugues?
  • Do you long to develop a deeper sense of connection between yourself and nature, whilst challenging the body?
  • Would you love to know more about the wild medicinal plants that grow along this spiritual path?
  • Would you like to experience mindfulness practices, awaken new perspectives, and develop mental tools?
  • Would you like to walk with like-minded people sharing insights, knowledge, and experiences?
If so, Explore the programme

"I have always had a love/fascination for trees and now feel a deep rooted connection! My sincere thanks to you Hazel for your knowledge, wisdom and passion for this work."       Lynne


"The closeness to nature through being mindful has brought me to the realisation that we are ONE. I walk with more gratitude and connection, more joy and love."       Carine

Mindful-Nature Retreat, Algarve

9-13th June 2023

Join us for a unique 5-day retreat in a beautiful space of peace, beauty, and nature surroundings in Algarve, Portugal:

Would you like to?

  • Deepen your experience of the key principles from the 8-day mindful-nature connection course
  • Engage in practices and meditations connecting to the elements of nature
  • Experience the sea and caves by Kyak
  • Go on mindful walks along the beautiful cliffs
  • Create with the group in nighttime labyrinth walks and nature offering ceremonies
  • Experience drumming meditations and sound baths whilst watching the stars
  • Explore medicinal plants in a herbal tea tasting
  • Do daily yoga and Chi Gung
If so, explore the programme here

"This course is what is needed in our world. When we connect with nature, we realise how interconnected and interdependent we are. It encourages us to continue to save and protect our natural world in any way possible."       Christine


"This course has really changed my outlook on nature. I now go out into nature to do mindfulness and I am really beginning to harness the power of the natural world. I am a secondary school teacher and I feel that I could incorporate mindfulness in nature with my stressed out 6th formers."       Pauline

Both programs include:


Get the benefit of my masters-level knowledge of the philosophy, psychology and neurobiology of nature-based mindfulness approaches.


Learn practical exercises and meditations to retrain your attention and create new awareness, align your body and mind, and connect you to the natural world.


Join me and a community of likeminded souls on this beautiful interactive journey, connecting during weekly live calls and in my online community space.

Mindful Nature Camino
Mindful Nature Retreat

To get a sense of my teaching style and an introduction to what I teach, consider taking my free intro course.

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